White Label LMS

Customize and Reinforce your brand within the LMS platform

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Reflect your organization’s identity with a white label LMS

A white Label LMS platform enables you to customize and brand your organization’s identity as per your requirement. It allows you to integrate your brand’s look and feel and remove any reference to the original vendor. This will enable learners to see training as your product; their whole experience is with you and your brand alone.

What does the Green LMS white label provide?

Flexible learning and performance

White label LMS allows customization of the platform and enables you to select from available templates or import your existing content. Moreover, you can also improve the learning experience by getting feedback from your employees and reviewing content.

Power up learning experience with Gamification

Our white label learning management system allows you to engage and empower your learning experience with gamification features. Unlock achievements and earn rewards. For example, assign points to each training module, create badges that reflect your organization’s identity, and reward employees with certificates signed by managers or the CEO.

Accessible to white label LMS

You can easily white label your platform to fit your business’s branding. Our white label LMS platform, reports, and training can be personalized to reflect your company’s logo and signature colors. All you have to do is change the setting in your LMS platform and upload the correct logo. It is that easy to white label your Green LMS platform.

Branding in just a few clicks

When white labeling an LMS, reflecting your brand’s identity is essential to engage your users better. Our white label LMS platform allows you to easily change the color scheme, logo, and language by bringing authenticity to the learning experience. Moreover, you can also have a personal domain with your organization’s name.

Explore Features of White label LMS

Custom Content Development

With our white label LMS platform, you can use a personalized content development feature that enables you to create specific job skills, industry-specific, and other customized learning courses. Also, it provides holistic learning expertise by creating exclusive and customized learning material for your employees.

Personalize integrations

Our white label learning management system comes up with valuable and notable integrations that offer a seamless learning experience. The integrated LMS allows you to transfer the data between two systems without having to switch between the platform. You can incorporate our White label LMS platform with eCommerce, CRM, HRM, Web conferences, and more.


You can provide learning and training to multiple learners within a single platform at the very same time. With our Green LMS white label platform, you can simultaneously instruct learners from different locations and branches. Moreover, you do not require to purchase a separate learning software for your extended enterprises.

Advanced analysis and reporting

With a white label, LMS provides advanced reporting features through which you can access, track, monitor learning progress levels, and generate standard and custom reports in a single click. For example, with a report scheduling feature, you can apply a custom filter and see each user’s performance.