Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a learning management system?

A Learning Management System is an effective tool created and designed to establish administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, and online learning delivery. It’s also known as “e-learning” because the software used will provide a virtual classroom-like environment for training organization employees and trainers.

What are the main features of Green LMS?

Green LMS allows users to create courses and add course material easily. In addition, it has many robust features like gamification, learning path, micro-learning, integrations, customizations, and more. From developing and managing courses to adding users/trainees and tracking user progress, making announcements, and staying in touch with the users makes, Green LMS a compelling training platform.

What type of training Materials are included in LMS

Usually, LMS features will include SCORM-compatible materials. This will usually have videos and quizzes that will provide you with performance scores and feedback that will help you analyze whether the learners are retaining the information taught. You can also upload other documents to distribute to students and corporate learners while providing them with links to external resources.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Models. It’s a collection of specifications and standards for online learning (web-based e-learning). SCORM emphasizes the communication between the client’s content and the host system’s material, and this process is called the run-time environment.

Does Green LMS work on smartphones, tablets, or any other devices?

Green LMS is a responsive, multi-device Learning Management System, making it extremely easy for learners to access it on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer without any loss of experience or information.

Is our data on Green LMS secure?

Green LMS Cloud is built on Microsoft Azure, which is a highly secure environment both at the server and the physical infrastructure level. This is why we work only with the world’s best Cloud provider. In addition to the secure cloud, Green LMS has been designed and developed to ensure complete data protection and security.

What forms of Payment does Green LMS accept?

You can select to change their payment plan from monthly, quarterly to annual. However, clients cannot cancel the subscription in the middle of a year unless there is a material breach of legal agreement.

Can Green LMS be customized?

Absolutely. We can customize the user interface to match your Corporate Theme, Logo, Colours, etc.

What if I need third-party Integrations?

Green LMS has the set of APIs written in it. These plug-and-play APIs will make it easy to integrate with other systems. With every minor and major release, we will keep adding more and more readily available connectors with systems our customers use for a variety of purposes.