About Green LMS

About Green LMS

Helping people to learn, train and Grow

Whether it’s the easy management of your eLearning, Mobile Learning, Classroom Training, and Blended Learning or having a comprehensive L&D suite complete with Integrations, LMS Mobile Apps, eCommerce, and Competency Development, Green LMS has it all!

Our motive is to provide the best enterprise software to educational institutes and small and large businesses to help our clients unlock their potential. We offer solution in many different market types, including but not limited to education, healthcare, finance, and more.

Green LMS empowers global corporates to train and upskill their employees, partners, vendors, and customers. Through our collective efforts, Abara is reshaping how organizations approach technology-based learning and development.

We believe that together we can achieve all the success. Our products, SID the Scholar and Aditya the horizon, help educational and business to transform their lives and businesses. We are more like a family spread worldwide, with people who speak different languages, ethnic backgrounds, skin color, preferences, and more. We all work collaboratively for your success.

Also, we never give up on what we abided by. We know there are multi-billion dollar organizations with a big brand and name out there, and yet companies like us outshine them because we know we provide the best end-to-end eLearning solutions for our clients.

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