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Encourage your learners with professionally designed LMS certificates

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Motivate your learning with Green LMS certificates

LMS certificates are a vital tool in education and the corporate industry. It’s a must-have for the eLearning environment as trainees and trainers expect to have their courses certified and valid for the corporate world. The LMS certification is a customized solution to improve learning and training.

Personalize Certificates as per courses

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Personalize Certificates as per courses

You can create an eLearning certificate from scratch within the LMS; you just need to upload a design or choose from our library of professionally designed certificates. Then, follow the simple steps by adding your organization’s brand name, logo, participants’ names, and your signature to create professionally customized certificates. Also, you can offer personalized certificates to those who completed the course objective and boost their work performance.

Renew and Set Expiration Dates

Green LMS allows you to set and renew expiration dates for course completion certificates and helps manage renewals of training programs. An LMS certificate of completion validates a particular course undertaken by trainees, such as the sexual harassment course. However, expiry dates motivate the learner and also serve as a reminder for course takers, and provide for future certification renewals.

Specify rules for course completion certificates

Certified courses specify milestones for the learners to accomplish before generating course completion certificates. You can embed quizzes and tests at the end of each training session to assess progress made by learners and provide eLearning certificates on their achievement of specific milestones.

Print, share, and email certificates

Learners can easily share their LMS certificates of course completion as proof of their actual participation in a specific training session. Also, they can either print a hard copy of the eLearning certificate or email it and share it through different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.

Benefits of LMS certificates

Provide Proof Of Competency In The Event Of An Audit

Sometimes audits can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive if the auditor discovers violations or inconsistencies in your paperwork. Here the LMS certification enables you to give proof of employee competency. For instance, all your employees have completed an online training course regarding safety and passed the final exam.

Uphold organization standards

Employees must meet the specific criteria to achieve their eLearning certificates. The organization sets these criteria and depends on desired objectives and outcomes. Therefore, LMS certification can help you uphold organization standards.

Improve Employee Motivation

LMS certificates provide an opportunity for learners to expand their skills. Also, the eLearning certificates empower them to examine and monitor their progress and proficiency. As a result, they can tackle topics on time instead of trying to grapes large quantities of information. This helps retain more knowledge, and there is greater employee satisfaction and motivation, resulting in greater workplace productivity.

Track Learners’ performance more effectively

LMS certification features allow you to segment your online training program into individual components. As a result, you can more effectively track employee performance by analyzing training milestones. You can intervene to keep learners on track and avoid form failing in the courses. Also, the Green LMS platform enables you to track certification through detailed reports.