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LMS – The Evolution

The Inception of a well structured Learning Management system started during the early 1920’s. Since then it has evolved consistently towards betterment and progression and has taken a relevant and a meaningful space in the overall growth of any Organization across the world. Through all the changes that are happening Learning Management systems are playing an integral part in all of it.

Genesis of the Learning Management System

by Tarun Athmika

Evolutionary history is a fascinating story to understand the depths of human endeavor. Have you ever wondered how Learning Management Systems came to be?

It goes without saying that modern LMSs draw inspiration from a lot of yesteryear’s inventions and innovations. I will be looking at the key milestones in the history of the LMS and give instances of machines/tools which have directly impacted the way LMSs work today.

First developed by Sidney L. Pressey in the 1920s,

The teaching machine offered various kinds of practical exercises and multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

In 1953, the University of Houston, USA, televised the first for-credit college course for people to learn right from the comfort of their homes. Video lectures/lessons were aired every evening so that everyone—including full-time workers—could benefit from the lessons, ensuring that learning was not compromised because of work commitments.

In 2000, the world was introduced to the first open-source LMS: Moodle, short for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. With Moodle, we could start learning as soon as they downloaded the app onto their computers.

Why Organizations should have an LMS

By Harvey Singh