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Get in-depth LMS reports to track learning progress

Green LMS can monitor, examine, and assess learners’ progress. It has robust reporting and analytics abilities, incorporating generating standard reports with custom and filter reports. Our LMS reporting and analytics provide personalized reports while enabling the user to automate them on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis. Also, users can manage green LMS reports and set up advanced reports immediately.

What does Green LMS reports offer?

Get a range of predefined reports

Green LMS report provides a variety of predefined reports for seamless control over the LMS reporting and analytics features. In addition, users are also provided with an overview of course status, user statuses, and even the course purchase details made by learners across the businesses. Also, one of the vital features of Green LMS reports is that they are customizable, and you can personalize reports as per your requirements.

Data in just a single click

Get valuable insights with our advanced reports that are automatically included in your LMS account. These advanced reports provide a robust data overview of instruction at your institution. You can easily find and access them with just a single click.

Keep track of learner’s progress

LMS reports enable you to keep track of learners’ performance by utilizing the progress report for a snapshot of how well your learners are progressing in a course and group. Also, the advanced reports provide users inputs on the results and status of their activities. This can help other students gain ownership of their learning.

Apply Filters to get advanced reports

Green LMS report provides the ability to apply filters depending on the administrators’ use. You can apply filters based on learning paths, learning objects, courses, user profiles, and more. Also, you can view SCORM interaction reports, assessment answer sheets, and survey responses per user.

Benefits of Advanced reports

Learner progress and completion rates

Learners’ progress and completion rate LMS report enable you to examine and monitor individual performance so that you can intervene whenever necessary. Also, you can identify top performers who may serve as great mentors for those struggling with training programs or courses.

Participation and engagement

One of the most efficient ways to determine the learner’s level of involvement is through LMS reports. It provides crucial data on how corporate users interact with online training content so that you can measure whether they are investing in the online training process or if they lack the necessary motivation.

Get online assessment results

Online assessment results are the most direct indicators of tracking learner performance and progress. This is specifically true if you conduct a pre-assessment that develops a benchmark, enabling you to examine specific skills or knowledge gaps as corporate learners complete the online training modules and activities.

Time log to get in-depth insights

Tine Log LMS reports provide insights into how long corporate learners take to complete each training activity module or activity. This helps you to determine which aspects of the online training course they struggle with and why. Also, this will inform you whether your learners are motivated enough and give you insights into the skill gaps of the learners.