LMS for Partner Training

LMS for Partner Training

Power up your Partner Training and Boost Partner Performance

Empower your Partner Training with Green LMS

With multiple channel partners working in your organizations, how can you ensure they retain your brand promises? Channel partners also require a proper learning path like employees. Green LMS for partner training can help partners prepare for interactive brand procedures, messaging, and products; you can also explore other LMS capabilities to track your channel partner activity and examine which partner needs customized training to achieve competency.

What does Green LMS for Partner Training Provide?

Learning on the go

Stop worrying about when, where, and how of channel partner training. A learning management system for partners delivers seamless training without interrupting their ongoing work.

Focused Features

Partners can benefit from the built-in LMS features like reports and analytics, video assessments, offers, and feature updates for improving product presentation, improving pitches, product presentation, etc. Also, our Green LMS for Partner training provides smart dashboards, eCommerce modules, and much more.

Report and Track your partner

The learning management system for Partner training enables you to track the time taken by your partner to complete the training. Moreover, It also offers you insights into the success of the course. Moreover, it also helps you to track partners who are due for the renewal course and allows you to resent course completion automatically.

recertify your partners

Partner Training LMS allows you to recertify your partners if you wish to recertify them once or twice a year. Through the Learning management system, your users will be notified automatically; they can take courses at their convenience and be certified for the same.

Key Features of Partner Training LMS

Engage Partners with Gamification

Green LMS for Partner training provides robust gamification features that allow partners to learn and get training while earning certificates, badges, and leaderboards in a fun ecosystem to stay motivated, engaged, and grow professionally.

Off-the-shelf training courses

Green LMS has a huge library of shelf training courses within the training martial catalog to enable your partners to get training. Also, green LMS has robust content authoring tools.

Personalized certification

Green LMS for Partner training provides accreditation as part of your partner enablement program with robust certification management tools. Moreover, with the help of our Green LMS you can also customize and create courses as per your requirement.

Progress Reports

You can measure and capture the information you require to track the progress of your partner training. Our Green LMS’s powerful reporting engine enables you to assess the progress of each partner and assist them in their training program.