Digital Content Development

Digital Content Development

Develop Digital content with Green LMS

Digital content is also known as digital media. Digital Content is any content that exists in the form of digital data. Digital content is stored on digital or analog storage in specific formats. Forms of digital content include information that is digitally broadcast, streamed, or contained in computer files. Green LMS helps you with Digital Content development as per your requirement.

What Do our Digital content Development services provide?

Thought and Design

Green LMS helps to design workflow and provide resourcing strategy. It also helps with resourcing strategy, content architecture, content design, and auto marketing.

Content Enhancement and Generating

Green LMS provides editing, authoring, and development, including artwork and graphic design. Also, you can customize the graphic design and artwork on your website. You can also include PowerPoint, creative project support, and proofreading.

Course with Animation and Media

Our content development services allow you to provide Animations, Video, Audio Narrations, and a step-by-step guide using screenshots and illustrations.

Online Course Authoring in LMS

Including, Conversion of office files to a course, Creation of question bank and quizzes in LMS, creation of assignments, uploading of resource files, and authoring various course structures within LMS based on your curriculum.