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Creating eLearning Courses is one of the most critical aspects of building or planning your eLearning strategies or projects. High-quality, well-structured, and designed content ensures your learners get specific skills and knowledge to improve in their daily tasks Green LMS allows you to create reusable learning objects by simplifying content management to easily build eLearning courses using an LMS.

What does the Green LMS course creation service provide?

Personalized eLearning

Provide tailor-made solutions with customized content depending on organisational requirements that will improve an individual’s learning capabilities with the proper knowledge transfer.

Gamified learning

Learning and Gaming are a perfect combination to retain the knowledge transferred. The idea of earning badges, collecting coins, and knowledge-based quizzes enhance the learner’s experience with their sportsman spirit.


We enrich the content with attractive graphics and animations to offer an impactful learning experience while ascertaining the capabilities.

Scenario-based learning

Make your learners actively participate in well-crafted scenarios supported by problem-based strategies, allowing them to question and learn a concept.

Features of Courses Creation

Adding Reusable learning objects

Green LMS allows the administrator to define the completion policies for each learning object. Multiple completion policies can be mapped to each learning object, and it is vital for learners to require the completion criteria in order to progress through the course.

Easy LMS with course creation and management

Green LMS enables administrators with multiple course types to select from the library. Also, our LMS provides classroom training, virtual classroom training with SCORM packages, videos, and reference materials as per training or post-training exercises that a learner must complete.

Fast course translation

Green LMS allows you fast course translation services. It allows you to translate courses in more than 50 languages for the requirement of a diverse set of corporate learners.

Visibility Notifications and Rules

Admin can decide the accessibility of the courses to specific departments or any user. For instance, Digital marketing courses can only be available for the SEO marketing department. So that only digital marketing executives can view and enroll in the course.